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Tanning Salons

Tanning Salons will help you get a natural looking tan that feels great. With tanning beds, spray tan and fake tan options there really is something available that appeals to everyone.

Over the past decade or so the tanning industry have seen a dramtic shift away from the generic sunbed shop and now offer a massively increase variety of services for both men and women. A great tan can really help with body and self confidence and can keep you looking healthy the whole year round. More and more ways to achieve the look with sunless tanning are hitting our shops and online stores.

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Here in the UK we are not always blessed with too much sunshine so more and more women are turning to artifical means to acheive that bronzed and healthy glow that’s so sought after. Tanning salons up and down the country can now offer all over spray tan with a purpose built spray tan machine. This type of fake tan has also opened up the possibility of mobile tanning as you can buy a professional package relatively cheaply that includes th essentials such as a tanning tent and the best spray tan solutions.

Many salons will still offer the traditional sun bed tanning options, option in short 3 minute sessions and the machines used are much more technologically advanced and maintained to ensure maximum performance.

As well as being able to spray tan at home, a more affordable and accessible option is to use tanning lotions and creams. These can be quickly and easily applied and can be more catered to skin type and colouring as well as personal taste. The fake tan isn’t just something that celebrities and TV personailities do, this is something for everyone that can be quickly and easily achieved.

Obviously the detrimental health benefits of using tanning salons to excess are well documented and medical advice should always be followed. Always use a regulated and trusted salon, these can be found at The Sunbed Association website along with loads much useful information.

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